Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More from Germany

Several observations about Germany...

1.  We were told that one would never say I will miss you to a friend, unless said friend was leaving for at least a year.  You might say, "I will miss you" to your partner if they were leaving for a little while BUT the operative word is might.

2.  The typical breakfast is random cheeses, so-so coffee, extremely good bread, salami, and various spreads ranging from cream cheese to Nutella.

3.  The sun seems to present itself about once every 3 days, give or take.

4.  If you are in a band and have never toured Germany before, if our experience is a legitimate example, every venue provides several cases of beer, a couple bottles of wine, a case of water, and a case of juice.  Crepes are also provided fairly frequently.  Also dinner and a place to sleep with mattresses and pillows.

5.  Your typical liter of gas is $1.50.  That's right I said liter.  You do the math.

6.  I just looked up while I was writing this and noticed that a half naked man was lying about two feet away from me.  I asked him to go to the other room and he did.  (We are in a club, that has a guest room for bands, this dude wandered in here)

7.  FYI if you are headed to Europe and you are bringing a hair dryer, first you will have to bring a northern European electrical adapter (this applies to all electronic devices) and second there is something about the currents through the adapter that might cause your hair dryer to go on fire.  So, use the low setting, it will be as hot as the high setting.  Or use the high setting and catch on fire.  Your call.

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  1. Good cheese and bread for breakfast: what's not to like?? I think Kyle lived on cheese, bread, and beer when he was in Germany. ;)