Wednesday, October 13, 2010

some quick hits

I know, I know I haven't written in a while.

Here is what I have for now.

Joe Manchin, the Democratic governor of West Virginia, is running to fill the U.S. Senate Seat of the late, former KKK member, Robert Byrd.  Considering the shoes Manchin's filling, I guess we shouldn't be surprised by his new TV Ad.

As a Puerto Rican, it feels amazing to watch Rosie Perez call out Ruben Diaz (Our Homophobic Puerto Rican NYS Senator).  As Rosie points out, not all Latinos are Homophobes.  If straight people can marry than gay people should be able to as well.  (Or as Chris Rock would say, "Gay people have the right to be miserable too.")  Go Rosie!

The infamous and illusive grafitti artist, Banksy was commisioned to do the opening spot for the Simpsons where he basically destroys Fox.  He calls them out for their sweat shop abuses regarding The Simpsons Merchandise.  Unfortunately the link I just provided will probably be shut down by the time you click on it due to copyright infringement claims by FOX.  So just do some googling and you'll find it eventually. 

Finally check out this video from legendary folk musician Ryan Harvey about the Tea Party.  And if you live anywhere near Albany, you should come to his show @ The Social Justice Center, 33 Central Ave, Albany, NY on October 22nd at 8pm.  You can check out the Facebook event page here.

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