Friday, September 5, 2008

Responses to: Why I'm not voting for Barack Obama 1 & 2

Hey y'all. Here's my response to some of the comments I recieved for my recent blogs. Be sure to check out my next blog: Why Reverse-Racism Doesn't Exist.

First of all we are worldwide. That's right, Eileen in China sent us a response. She thinks the world will like us more if Obama is President. I'm not gonna argue, after all she is in China.

Anonymous: Not so fast. Stay tuned and you'll see who I'm voting for and no I wouldn't vote for Obama if I lived in say, Ohio. But than again I live in New York, so for all you know, I might be lying.

TGT: You said that my "argument traffics in a false dichotomy". Ouch. Next time you should just say that "I'm ugly and my momma dresses me funny." And by the way you said that: "This is 2000 all over again, but with the distinctions much greater and the stakes much higher." If you mean by "2000 all over again" that Joe Biden is the second coming of Joe Lieberman, than I agree.

And by the way Trees, loquacious, Really? Have you read your brother's comments? (Those are the words of your sister) And for the record I prefer the term garrulous.


  1. Ha! Well agreed, Biden (D-MBNA) is not my favorite choice. On the other hand, he authored VAWA, which separates him from Joe "it's a short walk to another hospital" Lieberman, in my estimation. Are these sorts of distinctions meaningless?

  2. You and TGT can both be loquacious (sorry, garrulous.)It's not mutally exclusive. Let's just say that in one sitting I could not get through your blog on Obama because, well, you ramble. But in an endearing way. Love you! - treespurt