Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fixing the Financial Crisis

Awesome day.  I get to stay home sick today.  And the best part is that I'm not sick.  For all of you that don't have kids but are planning to one day join the ranks of us "breeders" here is a little info.  When you're kids are too sick to go to school, you don't have to work.  You can take sick days for this.  It's true.  Now a friend of mine just sent me an email that her work has informed her that if she takes one more sick day with her kids that she will be fired.  So not everyone gets to work for bosses that are sane human beings or companies that have policies created by sane human beings.  Lucky for me I do.

So let's go ahead and fix this financial crisis:

Well I think we need to stimulate the private sector by injecting the economy with a substantial liquid investment.  Which would result in increased credit flow and mitigate current shortfalls while increasing prospects for future investment opportunities in diversified arenas.

No really.
I mean it.

OK so I'm not even sure I know what I just said.  And I'm fairly sure that if I do know what I just said, I don't agree with it. 

Here is the real solution:

Completely disconnect from this corporate economic structure and simultaneously detach from the policital power structure and create reasonable sized autonomous communities that focus on sustainable development in terms of technological and social concerns.  These communities can be organized into larger collectives that can make decisions regarding more broader reaching issues such as trade.  This organizational structure would be committed to consensus based direct democracy.  The end result would be a society that lives on egalitarian principles, applying the  "seven generation" model to create a living system that exists in harmony with the environment.

Wow that wasn't so hard.

Let me know if you need anything else.

Happy to help...

ps.  One thing that might not save the economy but would go along way to restoring my sanity, would be if the United States politicians and media members would immediately cease and desist from using the words Main and Street together.  For example "The Wall St. bailout must protect Main St."  I grew up in Binghamton N.Y.  a half block from Main St.  I'm not sure why these people are so focused on Binghamton.  I mean I've been saying for years that Bingo could use a shot in the arm.  But this is a little much don't you think?

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  1. hey victorio

    perhaps you can find a happy medium

    cause those autonomous units, in NYC for example, arent going to happen, without a corporation to get them what they need

    not unless they kill all the other autonomous units

    or become breatairians
    i've heard its been done

    at any rate

    its scary what we can accept when we dont think for ourselves
    and how do you do that when were dependent on info from others

    surprisingly the schenectady gazette opinion section has been telling it like it is
    as far as the cause of the financial crisis

    as for the solution
    fuel cells, thin film solar cells, perhaps nuclear. from nuclear they're not making anything more radiactive than it already was, were just concentrating it-if we put it back where we got it from, then no harm done? especially if its below the water table and away from fault lines

    there are already hundreds of nuclear power plants around the globe.

    kind of crazy and scary

    im not sure about this info about the nuclear, i have to research it more but it's something to think about

    local sustainablitily is definately the goal
    there are new materials and technologies created to make that possible
    and recycling capabilities

    yup less transportation,
    essential job creation
    an a reduced work week perhaps, by sharing responsibilities.

    how are all those folks so busy down in NYC anyhow?

    i wonder if they value their work?

    or are they not working?

    yeah right.

    hey perhaps we could all just migrate south.

    yeah right.

    well in a fix (funny that they call a problem a fix, all those folks that came before us might not be so ignorant after all) all we really need is food, hot water and lots of layers right? and something to get it to us

    that's not too much to ask

    but it would be nice of we could do more

    so what corporations would you like to eliminate anyway?

    they seem to do a lot of good

    maybe we should focus on individual consumption, smaller houses, smaller cars, city life (as live in the burbs, ughh), vegan diet

    well, keep spreading the word

    were all in this together

    when you say that

    maybe people will actually listen

    if not, then they just dont get it yet

    but that's the challenge of educating

    and the challenge of a democracy


    liz grot

    ps. i also think there should be a flat rate(or limit) on gains from investments so that the money is diverted back to infrastructure, pollution prevention/cleanup and sustainable job creation

    and there should be more regulations about who gets loans, how and why

    ughh and ahh

    with light "we venture into the be born again"

    i hope people stay open to change and to vision

    pps the uranium for nuclear energy is highly destructive while its being mined and processed, im pretty sure. you probably already know that. i dont know how bad it is. ughh. maybe they've made improvements.

    ha "ya down with 'oh' pp"
    i've always wondered what that meant. do you know?
    maybeit was profetic of my second ps

    so how small are these autonmous units anyway?

    dont say grand st. or the mansion hill community.