Thursday, February 12, 2009

Am I a Hippie if I wash my dog with Nag Champa Soap?

I think the answer pretty much has to be a resounding yes!!! Since I have no pre-existing cultural connection to the fragrance. And since my introduction to it has something to do with a Phish Concert and some nuggets from British Columbia (a former life; sorry, geez). But as I am informed by Wikipedia, it seems that Nag Champa, a fragrance developed from the Champa flower, is used in Hindu temples known as Ashrams. So I doubt those same people are than going and washing their dog with the same fragrance. But truth be told I have no idea. And that's the point. Being a hippie means many things but one of those things is... taking beatiful aspects of various cultures and utilizing them without sufficient background or possibly permission from the people whose culture is being used. I think I opened a can of worms there. I'm just gonna leave it sitting there open...

Now for the record... I do know how to properly tune a Conga drum as I was taught by my dad. I was once told at a Phish Head Drum Cirlce that "you don't need to tune your conga man, you just need to let it get broken in so you can listen to the natural groove dude, You have to let it speak to you..."

I may use Nag Champa Soap on my dog but at least when I play my Conga, with the Bob Marley sticker on it, I know how to tune it.

As far as whether or not I am a hippie, no need to respond. I already know the answer.

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  1. Alright, you left the can of worms open, I'm just filling it with humorous video footage: