Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Joe Wilson and why I didn't vote for Obama

So If you read my previous post, you'll see that I've challenged myself to write 30 commentaries in 30 days. So here is my first one...

Joe Wilson. Y'all know who he is. He's the dude that interrupted Barack Obama at his congressional address on Health Care. He screamed out YOU LIE!! when Obama mentioned that his health care plan wouldn't cover illegal immigrants. The ironic part about this event is that it highlights why I didn't vote for Obama. That's right a right-wing conservative was able to illustrate the key reason in why I didn't vote for Barack.

No. It's not because I think that the right wing has the answers or that Joe Wilson is a symbol of down home good values. And actually it's not because I feel that illegal immigrants should be covered by the same coverage as me, although I certainly do feel that way. It's because of the outrage expressed by some republicans at Wilson's outburst. When John McCain was asked what he thought of Wilson's antics, McCain called them "unacceptable" and stated that he should "apologize". Several other republicans reacted similarly as well as many congressional Dem's.

So I got to thinking what's the big deal. I surmise one of two things from Wilson's insistence that Obama is pulling our leg. One, he is a xenophobe that truly believes that the president is lying and that his insurance plan will cover illegal immigrants, resulting in mass migrations from every brown country on the planet followed by fire and brimstone, and therefore Wilson is the one soul standing between us and the Apocalypse. Or two, he is a xenophobe that knows the president is not lying but is convinced his constituents will believe that Obama's insurance plan will cover illegal immigrants, resulting in mass migrations from every brown country on the planet followed by fire and brimstone, and therefore they will see Wilson as the one soul standing between us and the Apocalypse. I assume that the answer is number two. Anyway what's the big deal with him vocalizing his opinion?

I mean after all how many of us would have loved the opportunity to scream at the top of our lungs towards GW Bush, something like "Iraqi Baby Killer" or "You're not even from Texas" or "Fuck Dick Cheney". I did a little bit of lazy person research into the matter and according to the Chicago Tribune, no one has ever screamed at the president in a joint session before. That said in 1856 Democratic Rep. Preston Brooks beat Sen. Charles Sumner with a heavy cane in the Senate Chamber, but I digress. Again I ask what is the big deal? I mean don't we want to yell sometimes at the people we strongly disagree with? Would I be upset if someone yelled "you lie" when Bush declared that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction? No.

So here is the big deal: respect for the presidency. Opposition parties aren't suppose to disrespect the president out of respect for the office. But I believe that is code language for "we will be in that office one day." And that's the point. No matter what liberal, commie, propaganda, Obama is pushing, remember that we will be back and than we can spread our christian conservative propaganda all we want, wink-wink.

And that's why I didn't vote for Obama. Because I believe that the Democrats and Republicans have an agreement that allows for each party to continue to play tug-o-war with the power structure in a manner that ensures that the two of them will always be in control. In the end this means that we will once again have a republican president. Look at the names of potential republican candidates out there and ask yourself if you're excited. And than ask yourself if Obama has done anything to challenge the two-party system and the basic foundational principles that keep the republican/democratic partnership in control. Finally take note of the fact that Joe Wilson has raised $2 million since his tantrum in congress and his opponent Rob Miller has raised $1.5 million and ask yourself: Is there a better way to spend $3.5 million in our efforts to improve society? Or is it really more productive to continue to pour money and time into this never ending seesaw?

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