Saturday, January 9, 2010

Best of Decade part 10

Here it is.  The long awaited #10.  Are you ready? Personally I think that it's worth the wait.  I hope you all do to...

Best Thing to Happen to Me This Decade:  The Birth of My Two Boys

Before this decade began, I had no kids, which was a good thing. I cannot say that life for me has been a utopia since they joined this world that would be like saying "Iraq has weapons of mass destruction" (You know, a lie). Kids make life more difficult.  Like when it's the middle of the night and you are walking to the bathroom and you step on a miniature Han Solo: "Goddamn you Harrison Ford, how did you get under my foot at 2am!" Than you remember the little angels that are sleeping in the other room and you think: "Boys, if you leave Harrison Ford in this hallway one more time I'm going to turn into an evil monster and eat you!" To which they would respond by saying: "Dad who is Harrison Ford? And can you really turn into an evil monster?"

So the moral of the story is, don't have kids unless you are prepared to be thoroughly frustrated very often.  But if you're like me and you can handle a little frustration, than you will probably feel like the luckiest person in the universe.  That's how I feel, every time I look at one of their beautiful faces.  If I am a good father to them, than I feel like I'm succeeding at life.  I often have moments of insecurity when I feel like I can't do anything right but they remind me otherwise.  I'm not saying my life is all about my kids, I do lot's of interesting things that are not about them.  I am saying that they are beautiful and they make me feel so fortunate that it's difficult to put into words.

If you still can't understand how I came to the conclusion that my boys are the best thing to happen to me this decade, than watch this.

If you don't understand why that video is so special, than let David Chappele explain it to you.

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