Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Best of Decade part 9

Hey y'all.  I just fell off the face of the earth and left you hanging.  This is unacceptable and I apologize.  In fairness to me, I have been moving.  Who on earth moves from one 3rd floor apartment to another 3rd floor apartment?  Me.  Let's just say I was on a stairmaster for 72 hours straight.  Now I am living in my new apartment and dancing through the mazes of boxes and random things scattered aroung.  I really think moving can be the most truamatic of all of the completely un-traumatic events that happen in life.  Or maybe it's just me.
Anyway I still have two more posts for the best of the decade.  Here's number 9.  (Stay tuned number 10 is gonna blow you away.)

Biggest Crock of Shit of the Decade: Iraq Having Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Do you remember that?  WHAT A CROCK OF SHIT!  I remember at the time thinking, "How is it that I know that Iraq doesn't have WMD's and our government doesn't". Of course they did know.  As evidenced by accounts from former CIA officials that President GW was briefed by the CIA Director George Tenet and informed that Iraq had no such weapons.  At this point the administration had allready determined it's course and was only looking for information to back up it's plans. Luckily Colin Powell was willing to be the liar that made the case to the United Nations.  He than quietly resigned before GW's next term.

I'm not sure there has ever been a bigger CROCK OF SHIT in my lifetime.  The Bush administration is responsible for the death of millions of Iraqi's and thousands of U.S. soldiers because of a war that was based on ridiculously false pretenses.  Even GW himself thinks the whole thing is preposterous as evidenced by his presentation at the White House Correspondents Dinner in 2004. (Mysteriously I couldn't find a good video of it)  A recent British Film, In the Loop, satirizes the behind the scenes events involving the U.S. and Brittish Governments leading up to the war.  The whole thing was so completely ludicrous that it may very well have reached and entirely new level of ludiocrity!

At least we don't have to deal with that administration anymore.  But in honor of the Bush Administration I invite you to watch Stephen Colbert completely annihilate GW at the White Correspondents Dinner in 2006. This was so amazing that it probably deserved it's own "Best of" but there just wasn't enough room.

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