Thursday, December 31, 2009

Best of Decade part 8

OK this one is more of "Biggest" than "Best":

Biggest Mystery To Me and a Lot of Conspiracy Theorists on the Internet: The "Plane" That Hit the Pentagon - 9/11

Now I'm honestly not one for conspiracy theories.  Although I do love me a good conspiracy theory movie.  In fact, Enemy of the State, featuring Will Smith, (AKA the Fresh Prince), might be my favorite movie of all time.  But that's probably just me imagining myself as Will, taking on the NSA and the Mob in one fell swoop.  I could be Will, definitely.  But anyway, I don't typically concern myself with conspiracy theories because I believe the government is involved in enough unjust activity right in front of our faces that I have plenty of material to be upset about.  That's why I don't spend much time figuring out the injustices that are conspired about behind our back.  That and I don't want to seem like some of the freaky people that spend their time worrying about these things, think Gene Hackman in Enemy of the State; yeah I prefer to picture myself as Will Smith, but that's just me.

This brings us to the case of the American Airlines Flight 77 that hit the Pentagon on 9/11.  I'm not going to get into the rest of the debatable events of 9/11 because I just don't have time.  In terms of the Pentagon, my question is why can't I see a plane?  At no point in any video footage have I seen anything that looks definitively like a large passenger plane. Now in fairness I went to this site and noticed that a good percentage of the crashes pictured on the site, seem to be disintegrated to a serious degree.  It still seems to me that there would be a little more wreckage in the video. I also would expect to see more eyewitness accounts. You know like: "Holy Shit I was walking into Wal-Mart and this giant 747 flew over my head".  Here is the official government video.They didn't release until 2006.  It doesn't look like a plane to me but I am no expert.  So tell me who is right?  This video and this video or National Geographic?

I'm not saying  that a plane did not crash into the Pentagon.  I mean that's a pretty big statement and lot's of "real people" lost their lives on that plane.  I do not wish to be flippant about a subject that involves the deaths of so many people.  I honestly am very curious.  Is there something about engineering and physics that I don't understand that makes this situation plausible.  I do know that the National Geographic video lays out a logical explanation.  For some reason I'm not convinced by it.  Could anyone else explain it to me?  If you can, please do.  I know one of my friends was in a plane in New York and saw a plane hit one of the towers, while in the air.  Does anyone out their have friends that saw something similar in DC?  I would love to know.
Wikipedia breaks it down, somewhat convincingly and leads me to believe that the "crash" as reported is plausible, but I'm still not convinced.  Feel free to call me a wingnut, I can handle it.

The only that I know for certain is, if there was a conspiracy of this magnitude, I want to be friends with the Gene Hackman character, but I still would rather be Will Smith.

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