Thursday, December 3, 2009

Joe Lieberman and Amnesia

So this is a message to the liberals that voted for Al Gore. The ones that scream the election was stolen. The ones who blame the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan on the Supreme Court for giving the election to G.W. Yes, yes the election was stolen, I know you were flabbergasted. It was at this critical juncture that they began to systematically chip away at our civil liberties. First it was stolen elections, than it was fabricated weapons of mass destruction and shady contracts to certain companies doing business in Iraq. I mean it was terrible. And it all never had to happen because Al Gore should have won the election, right?

And so I want to take you on my time warp machine. Come along. Now you will have a chance to experience a world where the election wasn't stolen. Now repeat after me, humuna, humuna, humuna, HUMUNA! Shazam it's election night, Two-thousand and...................................................................................eight!!!

I'm sorry did you think we were going back to a different election year? Oh 2000. It was boring. Al Gore won the election and the country drifted into a liberal coma for eight years. Nothing really exciting happened. But now we are in Election 08 and we are about to introduce the next president...

Joe Lieberman!!!

He narrowly defeated Jeb Bush. Yeah!!! "Thanks to all of you that elected the Gore/Lieberman ticket in 2000 and stood by us" Lieberman said.

What you don't like this picture? In the past 50 years when a sitting vice-president has sought the presidency, he has always won his party's nomination. It's pretty much a rubber stamp. So when you spend your days cursing Joe Lieberman for being the reason that I don't have health care, just remember that you were voting for Joe Lieberman when you voted for Gore. Unless of course you would have been supporting, Jeb Bush or Mit Romney in 08. I think sometimes people can be prone to amnesia in situations like these...

Which brings me to my next point. Scientists are mapping the brain of the worlds most famous amnesiac, Henry Molaison, known as H.M. He died last year after having amnesia for 50 years. But you can watch his brain being mapped live right here.

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