Friday, December 25, 2009

Best of Decade part 3

Merry Christmas everyone.   Sorry to invoke the images of consumerism, I just hope that everyone is enjoying themselves, wherever you are.  Here is my third entry for the Best of the Decade.

Best Demonstration of Hope Even if I Wasn’t Drinking the Kool-AID : Gathering at Grant Park in Chicago after the election of President Barack Obama

People that know this blog understand that I’ve never been a supporter of Barack Obama.  The main reason for my lack of support is my disenfranchisement from the system he represents.  But today’s entries are not about those differences.  It’s about me sitting on the living room floor of some friends in Arizona on Navajo Land.  It was the morning after the election.  Even though it was fairly obvious that he was going to win, most people still couldn’t believe it.  As I looked at the T.V., I stared at the crowds of people that swarmed the park on a brisk evening.  You could see people of all races and generations united in pure joy.  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t in awe.  I actually wanted to be there.  It was invigorating to witness history like that.  I knew that I would tell my kids where I was when this happened.
I listened as an older Native American woman went off about how Obama was like a savior.  I listened to her son bombard her with critiques, the same ones I was thinking.  But I have to say the thought on my mind was, “we should let her have today, no matter what happens tomorrow, today is hers.”  And that’s how I felt for all of the people assembled in Chicago.  I was happy and proud because people that view the world from the same direction as me, made this happen.  This seemingly impossible event was manifested by hard working black, brown and white progressive Americans.  And it certainly felt nice to have a reprieve from GW. 
I had a conversation with Bill Ayers shortly after the election; he said it was important not to confuse Obama with the Obama energy.  In the past and present, I have been critical of the Obama presidency.  But I will have to say, that freedom fighter, Mr. Ayers, was right. The Obama Energy was one of the most uplifting images to witness this lifetime.  Even an anarchist like me can appreciate that. 

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