Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Health Care Part Ten Million

So it appears as though the Senate is close to passing a Health Care Bill. That's what President Obama said this evening. Assuming this is true, I wish someone could tell me if this will result in me getting health care. I have no idea and nothing I've read seems to explain it. I do know that there will not be a public option or a medicare buy-in, thanks to Senator Palpatine, I mean Lieberman. Some people, like the President say that this legislation will solve "a longstanding and urgent problem for the American people". Others like Howard Dean say "This is essentially the collapse of health care reform in the United States Senate and, honestly, the best thing to do right now is kill the Senate bill..." It is obvious that whatever is happening, that the bill is watered down and will be more palatable for the insurance companies.

And this my friends is why I am..  a revolutionary, in the words of Fred Hampton. It is my sincerest belief that we will never achieve our hopes and dreams through the structures of the United States Political System. I believe we are using the structures of a broken system in attempt to accomplish the change that we yearn for. And I don't think that the system is capable of sustaining that level of alteration.  Many of us acknowledge a need for profound change in our nation and some of us hope that we are making progress as a result of recent events including the election of President Barack Obama. I think that we are on a never-ending pendulum, and that the sometimes impressive rhetoric of the president and the solid majority in congress are only parts of an upswing that favors our side of the spectrum.  It doesn't take a socialist or anarchist to see that our political system ultimately serves the needs of the very wealthy and the corporate entities that they represent. I think it is an unreasonable strategy to assume that a system with such a design can suddenly begin to serve the needs of the masses of everyday people. And I think that Health Care Reform is an example of this reality.

Maybe I'm wrong. First of all I do not yet understand the intricacies of this piece of legislation or the long term impacts on people like you and I. Perhaps this is the beginning an ocean of political transformations resulting in a long term development of egalitarian principles that enable each and every member of our society to flourish regardless of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or gender identity. In ten or fifteen years I believe that there will be a republican president and congressional presence that will pull the pendulum back in a less comfortable direction. Maybe I'm wrong, I hope not. But if I am right, how much longer are going play this pendulum game?

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