Friday, November 20, 2009

Army Corps of Engineers and Alcatraz

So I just want to say again, in case anyone missed it, the ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FLOODING AFTER HURRICANE KATRINA! Think about every minute you spent watching the news and saw people struggling to get on life-boats. Remember the bloated bodies, the desperation, the people standing on the roof tops, stranded pets, and U.S. citizens being referred to as refugees. I want you to really transport yourself back to that time. Maybe you collected some canned food to send down, maybe you went down to New Orleans afterwards to help rebuild, maybe you didn't do anything but felt a pit in your stomach of total despair. Bring that feeling back and once you really feel it than repeat these words: THE ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FLOODING AFTER HURRICANE KATRINA! Say it over and over again until it's stuck in your head like Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys. When your done ask yourself why the f@#* is this story not being blasted all across the news. Where are the talking heads, the headlines, the condemnations, where is the story? It's buried somewhere next to the obituaries of the people that lost their lives in New Orleans in 2005. To read more about it go here.

Also... it is the fortieth anniversary of the Alcatraz Takeover. If you don't know the story I'll give you the basics. In 1969, Native Americans, representing nations from all over the U.S. occupied Alcatraz Island. They occupied the island for a year and four months. And brought Native issues to the forefront of American Politics. Their most notable success was getting President Nixon to end the US Tribal Termination Policy. This was the practice of dissolving Native reservations and was happening fairly frequently at the time. I admire the brothers and sisters that took over Alcatraz. I send them a thousand thank yous. It is this type of spirit and commitment that we need to achieve social justice today. For more info go to:


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