Saturday, November 21, 2009

Health Care Again...

So it looks like sixty senators are going to prevent a filibuster so that Health Care Legislation can get passed. Well not exactly. The only thing that is happening is sixty senators, 58 dems and 2 independents, have agreed to allow the bill to be debated. Which means exactly nothing. Here is my question, how is it that George W. was able to pass things like the Patriot Act, Tax Cuts for the Rich, and the Iraq War, without ever having a filibuster proof majority? How did Ronald Reagan pass anything, when he never had a republican majority at all. Meanwhile, Obama, has the majority he needs and no one knows if he will get the votes. Why is this? The answer is simple. The democratic party is the most spineless party in the history of the planet earth. Not since we were single celled organisms, has there been a more Amoebic group of individuals.

So stay tuned. And maybe, just maybe, I will get health care out of all of this. I'm not holding my breath.

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