Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Responses to Recent Comments

So I haven't given any reponses in awhile, so here goes:

Health Care Again
Haha. That was Awesome.


Update on Jorge

jaime pablo
That was so beautifully expressed my friend.

You made my week.

White Priv #5
I enjoy these posts. Too often we get sucked into false dichotomy...

Wow I guess we have come along way. First you criticize me for trafficking in a false dichotomy and now you congratulate me for avoiding false dichotomies. I call that progress.

It is impossible to be more than 110 mi from a McDs and be in the continental U.S.

Man I use to love the quarter pounder with cheese. And the fries. And the chicken nuggets. My kids know all about McDonalds. I took them there once in a moment of weakness. That was two years ago. They still talk about it. They are 4 and 6.


Until some other corporation sprouts up that has more integrity than Walmart, It will remain the best... just like the Lakers.

I smell sarcasm. Colin is that you?


It's true that you don't have to believe in God to believe in Spirit, just as you don't have to believe in shoemakers to wear shoes.

I was thinking more like you don't have to get your shoes from any particular shoemaker and if you can't find a shoemaker you like, make your own shoes.

Hot Springs

I would hate to have to report your discriminatory practices to the appropriate government authorities.

Good point. Please don't report me. Pretty please.

Lil' Wayne and Bernard Kerik

You're getting good at this blogging thing.

You think so?

Civil Liberties

just a thought from an anonymous white guy... ever think that its the rich that are the true enemies of all you rightly label in here as oppressed and not "the white man".

Wow. If you reread LJ's comment (it precedes yours) she pretty much destroys your argument.

Where does he (me) say that all white men never ever have to work and get all the breaks? I am tired of people making valid critiques and analysis of there surroundings and the response being “don’t hate me because I am a white man!”

And she wrote her comment a month and half before you wrote yours. Now that is impressive.


  1. Not it, on the Walmart / Lakers comment. While I will gladly heap mounds of sarcastic scorn on Walmart, I would never defame the Lakers with such an analogy. That being said, I am trying to come up with a witty remark about how the Waltons of Walmart suck worse than Bill Walton's color commentary. I let you know if something good comes to me.

    P.S. Solid work on the regular blogging. You are on a role!

  2. Hey, don't hate me because I'm a white man.