Thursday, October 22, 2009

Health Care, lil Wayne, and Berard Kerik

Well today Senate Democrats decide that they are going to try to include a public option that states can opt out of. Moderate Democrats maintained their opposition. Olympia Snowe also maintained her opposition to a public option without a trigger and republicans not named Snowe vowed not to vote for anything that in any way allows any human being to have health care in any form. In the meantime 36 moderate (Blue Dog) Dems threatened not to vote for the House Bill because it costs too much. Republican House members vowed to sing John Denver songs until 'Mericans forgot that there is such as thing as health care. Nancy Pelosi said that health care is important. The Obama administration re-iterated that the public option is the best vehicle for competition in the health care marketplace, but noted that the public option is not the entirety of health care. The administration also privately acknowledged that it likes the trigger idea because Snow likes it and she will make the bill bi-partisan. And so in a nutshell we are in the same exact place that we were two months ago except now states can possibly opt out of the public option that may or may not ever exist.

And if that wasn't enough, Lil' Wayne is going to jail. What are we gonna do? Well hopefully my dear brother Wayne will come up with some lyrics that are more meaningful than: I told her to back it up like Burp, Burp and make that ass jump like Schzerp Schzerp. Come on Bro. I'm rooting for you.

And last but not least Bernard Kerik. If you don't remember him he was the former NYC Commissioner of Police. He was nominated to be the first head of Homeland Security. I didn't know a lot about him when he was nominated. But I did know this: when people are concerned about losing their "civil liberties" and you nominate a head to a new department, that many people are convinced was created for the exact purpose of eliminating our "civil liberties", can you make sure the person doesn't look like a Nazi? I know I just profiled Bernard Kerik but have you ever seen this guy. He literally looks like he just walked off the cover of Fascism Magazine. Anyway he was just indicted on charges of making false statements to White House officials when he was nominated for Homeland Security. Wow GW can pick em'!

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