Wednesday, October 28, 2009

White Privilege part 5

So as most of you know a while back I wrote several posts about white privilege. I received tons of responses and have yet to formally respond. It’s not going to happen today but I promise to get to it. I just want to make a point. I think some people think I write about white privilege as a way of exposing how all white people are inherently evil. For the record, this is not true. Far from it. I believe in one race. I’m just not one of those people that get’s all sappy about it because I believe that a lot of people use “we are all the same” as a way to prevent doing the necessary work to create substantive change in terms of racism. You see many people say “I’m not racist”. By doing so they eliminate themselves from the problem. By taking no ownership over the existence of racism we are forced to find the “actual racists” and confront them. However in today's society there are so few people that actually acknowledge being out and out racists. Are we to believe that this handful of individuals (ie. Skinheads and KKK members) are the only ones responsible for racism in the US? I beg to differ. I think everyone has some culpability when it comes to racism and everyone has a role in the solution. I believe that examining privilege is a blueprint for individuals to confront the root causes of oppression and begin the intense process of healing from racism. And there's the rub, it's difficult, you have to ask yourself hard questions. It requires a fearless "moral inventory" and reveals some realities many don't want to think about. Alas this is the only way we will have change. This is the only way that white people, black people, and all people will truly live in harmony. I advocate for hearing me out. What if I'm right? What if examining your own privilege and socialized racism puts you on a path towards recovery? Wouldn't it be worth it? This is all I'm saying people. Keep it in mind.

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  1. "For the record, this is not true."

    Glad to hear it! ;)

    I enjoy these posts. Too often we get sucked into false dichotomy (e.g. either there is no such thing as privilege, or else those privileged are totally evil.