Friday, October 9, 2009

Albizu Campos

So yesterday I wrote a posting about a stabbing in my neighborhood. The tone was possibly a little opinionated (I know that's a first for me). One of the reasons I was frustrated was that it happened on my sons birthday. So in honor of my favorite six-year old I'm writing a commentary about his namesake.

"Dad I found a website of Albizu Campos" exclaimed my five year old (he just turned six). He elaborates by explaining: "I typed my name in the computer and clicked it and than I found his website." This really could be a Google commercial. The kid was so excited that he could spell his name that he wanted to try it out. And thanks to Google he was able to get a history lesson.

After that my son Albizu went on to say: "Did you know that Don Pedro Albizu Campos was the leader of the Nationalist Party of Puerto Rico, dedicating his life to the cause for Puerto Rican Independence? Did you know he served in the US infantry and attended the Univeristy of Vermont and eventually studied at Harvard? Did you know that one his earliest inspirations for Puerto Rican Independence was his close work with members of the IRA working towards Irish Independence?"

"Wow this Google think is more impressive than I thought." I said in response.

He continued: "Albizu was linked to an attempted assasination of Harry Truman as well as the shooting of several congressman in the fifties. He was imprisoned several times until he was finally tortured through over exposure to radiation. To this day he is a national hero of Puerto Rico."

Now that was impressive. I mean the kid just learned to spell and now he is breaking down the life work of one of Puerto Rico's most famous sons. This stuff really works!

...Alright you got me I made most of it up. He doesn't know that Albizu Campos went to Harvard or that Harvard even exists. The only part that was true was him typing his name in that no-frills search engine and recognizing the picture of his namesake on a website. To be honest I'm so impressed with that, it's hard to even contain.

I love you my little homie. Forever.

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  1. When I looked up Albizu Campos, unfortunately on wikipedia (I was in a rush), I found out some things that may or may not be true. My comments are based upon what I read there, I had never heard of him before.

    Albizu Campos is a hero of Puerto Rican independence, which sounds like a good thing. All people should be free. America has oppressed people all over the world (as have other so-called modern countries). We've done so for economic reasons that best suit ourselves rather than the peoples living there. This is bad and always was bad.

    I also read that one of the deeds that Albizu Campos was arrested for was being part of the plot to kill President Truman. This too might be true, or not. If so, then this "hero" loses much shine in my eyes. Killing the President is a big crime, and when someone tries such a thing they often end up locked up for a long time.

    A rich white woman named "Squeaky" Frome tried to kill President Ford. She just was released after 20 or so years.

    The conspirators of the Lincoln shooting all were hung. I don't like capital punishment, but I do like to think that our President won't be killed by any criminal, no matter how lofty their ideals are.

    If Albizu Campos was guilty as the courts found him, and he was sentenced to 80 years, well, you take your chances when you commit crimes. This has nothing to do with his race, color, or anything else. 80 years is a long time, but killing Presidents is bad business.

    If Albizu Campos was radiated for experiments, that is terrible. I think it is likely based upon what I read. This is a dark part of our scientific history, and was done to many prisoners. I would think it more likely that he was picked for this awful study not for his politics or race, rather, anyone serving 80 years for attempted murder of the President is most likely not going home alive. He'd be an easy prisoner to use in such a way.

    There is no justification for his inhumane treatment, but I just don't buy that it was because he was a self labeled political prisoner. He tried to kill the President.

    For that it's hard to grant him hero status.

    Charlie A.