Saturday, October 24, 2009

Corner Stores and Hate

I'm in Seattle today, and I've learned something very important. It's amazing how cities can be so similar across the country sharing things like cool hip shops, the Hard Rock Cafe, and Ben and Jerry's. That said, the more you travel, the more you can see the various idiosyncrasies that make certain cities unique. Seattle has coffee shops, more than New York and that's a lot. Of course this happens to be the week that I've chosen to give up coffee. It hasn't been easy but I've succeeded thus far.

So tonight I decided to walk and get something to drink while I waited for our show to start. Everyone else had gone to the local coffee shop to get caffeinated. I decided I would go to the closest corner store and get a Vitamin Water. Sorry I know that was just like an ad, but at least they're paying me $50,000 for it. I had to walk three blocks to find a 7-11 and it wasn't on a corner. And I realized that other cities don't have corner stores. In Albany, which is like a super tiny model of NYC we have corner stores. Lots of them. When I walk out my front door, and think it would be great to buy an Incredible Chocolate Cone, I have at least 5 corner stores within a 2 block radius to chose from.

The moral of the story was suppose to be that New York is superior because of the prevalence of corner stores. Unfortunately, while I was writing this post, some non-descript "frat type" guy, ran up to the house we are staying in, and ripped the rainbow flag from the front of the house, while we sat in the living room. And so the conclusion is, that although some cities may not have corner stores, all cities seem to have Hate. And that's why we have to keep fighting.

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