Monday, October 12, 2009


Here it is, another Leftist Sports Blog Entry:

The NFL stands for No Fucking democrats League, or so I just found out. For those of you that would rather eat moth balls, melted into a beet and sage puree, than watch professional sports, the NFL is the National Football League. News broke last week that Rush Limbaugh was looking to buy the St. Louis Rams along with Dave Checkets the current owner of the St Louis Blues Hockey Team.

Those of you familiar with politics, but not with sports, may wonder why Rush would be interested in owning a football team. Well Rush has a history in sports. Early in his career he worked for the Kansas City Royals baseball team. Most recently he was employed by ESPN, in 2003, as an NFL commentator. That of course didn't last very long. A few weeks into the season, Rush said that Donovan McNabb (one of the best quarterbacks of the past ten years) was only considered to be good because the media wanted to see a "black" quarterback succeed. As a result of his comments, Limbaugh was forced to resign.

According to Scoop Jackson at ESPN, Black Americans make up 61-65% of the players in the National Football League. Also according to Scoop, only one NFL owner backed Barack Obama. Based on those numbers, one could surmise that there are approximately 31 teams owned by Republicans and one owned by a Democrat. Ironically the team that did support Obama, the Pittsburgh Steelers, happens to be Rush's favorite team.

Anyway as a result of Limbaugh's bid to own an NFL team, The NFL Players Association, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and several key players have spoken against Limbaugh owning a team. Now in case you were looking for reasons as to why it might be problematic for Limbaugh to own a football team in a predominantly Black American League you can watch the video of Barack the Magic Negro. A song first played on Rush's show.

I use to be a big time football fan. I've since become a part-time fan. I still love the game, although I do think it is pretty brutal and counter-productive to the long term health of it's players. But I moved away from the game primarily because of it's unspoken link to reactionary politics. Now most of the time it's subtle. There just seems to be an underlying sentiment that Football is the sport of 'Merica and 'Merica is the country that bombs Iraqi children and if you don't like it, move to Cuba. I've always known that Football was a conservative sport but I would never have guessed that it's ownership was almost entirely Republican. That was pretty surprising.
The nation is made up of 16% Black Americans give or take. While the NFL players are over 60% Black Americans. And yet virtually none of it's ownership supports the nations first black president, while simultaneously claiming to be the foundation of patriotism. No wonder Rush Limbaugh wants to buy a team. He would probably fit right in.

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  1. No one who counts likes Rush. Not even the NFL.

    Since your blog hit the wire, the league has told the group, no Rush allowed.

    To own a football team you have to be bloody rich. Billionaire rich. Not too many democrats in a tight bunch like that.

    I don't really care who such owners support for President. I feel pretty good that all their money entitles them to one vote to the wrong guys (probably, it is secret). My money gets me the same vote.

    I listenn to Rush about 5 minutes a week, it's all I can take. I can't tell if I am trying to build up my immunity to that gas bag, or that I might be borderline masochist!

    Keep writing, I'll keep reading.
    Charlie A.