Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Blunts and Hot Springs

First thing for the record. I do not in anyway condone the use of illegal substances. Even those substances that come from a plant that is quite useful. Even if I think it is fairly ludicrous to make a plant illegal.

Second thing for the record. I haven't smoked marijuana this entire millennium. True story. Well not entirely. The last time I smoked weed was 2am Eastern Standard Time 2001. I've chosen for that day to operate on Pacific Standard Time, even though I was in Albany, NY, so that I can state that I haven't puffed trees this entire millennium. There also was a brownie incident in 2001, but hey a brownie is a brownie.

Finally I definitely do not in any way condone individuals that haven't smoked this entire millennium (aka the 3rd millennium), rolling blunts for other individuals that have smoked this millennium.

With one exception.

When said, non-weed smoker, is on tour, with people that are typically non-weed smokers (although not exclusively) and have been gifted a fair amount of kind bud from some weed heads in Eugene, OR and do not possess the skills for which to roll their own blunt. All of these unique exceptions combined with hot springs in Anywhereville, OR, coalesce to create the appropriate situation for a hypothetical non-3rd millennium (AD) weed smoker to roll a blunt, or a dutch as it may be appropriately referred to.

None of this in any way applies to me but I just happen to be in a hotel in Grants Pass, OR and thought it might be a good conversation piece. I love hot springs.

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  1. Dear Sirs, As a person with Muscular dystrophy I must protest your refusal to assist your cheerful neighbor with my ritual pre-dinner toke. I use Medicinally use Marijuana but need assistance in preparing it to be smoked. I would hate to have to report your discriminatory practices to the appropriate government authorities.

    Albany NY