Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Spades, The Peoples Card Game

Have you ever played Spades? If you have great. If you haven't than you clearly aren't down with the people. But don't worry, after I'm done you will see the error of your ways and immediately join the people in this fun loving card game. Now let me explain a little about it to you. You also can go to Wikipedia in order to get the random facts I'm about to reference. Spades is a part of the Whist Family of card games. What is the Whist family of card games you ask? Great question. Well you might be familiar with Hearts or Bridge, both games are members of the Whist Family Tree. Whist itself is a card game that dates back to 18th/19th century England. In the 30's, the offshoot known as Spades was born, apparently in Cincinnati, OH. The rules are somewhat complicated to explain but it is easy to pickup. Just remember High Joker, Low Joker, deuce of diamonds, deuce of spades, any variation of the game that doesn't contain those cards is unacceptable. The rest of it you will have to learn on your own. How you ask? Well there are lots of ways. One surefire way is to find your local former inmate, they will undoubtedly be able to explain.

Which gets me back to my previous assertion that Spades is the game of the people. How did I come to such a conclusion? Primarily because I've proclaimed it so. I've also experienced intense camaraderie while playing spades. It's the perfect blend of good-hearted junk talking, friendly competition, and laughter inducement and therefore is almost always a good time. I have seen the occasional Spade Game get out of hand, but those are atypical occurrences. When you are on a block in Any-City USA in the summertime, the grills are fired up and people are outside having fun, once you see the card table get pulled out, you know the fun is about to increase. And that my friends is why Spades is the peoples card game. And if that wasn't a good enough reason, Spades was born in Cincinnati, birthplace of Bootsy Collins, further cementing it's position as Card Game of the People. So if you haven't played, start playing.

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