Sunday, October 18, 2009

Responses from the challenge.

So since I started the challenge i haven't given any responses so here goes:

Follow the rules or be cast out as a jerk.

I think that this sentence is the crux of where we disagree. Rulebreaking is a concept that is near and dear to my heart and I hope you don't cast me out as a jerk.

Romantic Comedies:
I hypothesize that Sleepless in Seatle is a superior romantic comedy than when Harry Met Sally.

Don't make an argument that you don't believe in yourself.

Long live Westley.

I would say thanks for battling with Colin, but his argument was so absurd that it wasn't worth your time. As for Westley I will find him and say "To the pain"... ...And no, Princess Bride in not better than When Harry Met Sally, not even close.

Bull Durham

Excellent Choice. Great Effort. No Chance.

Civil Liberties
I get frustrated being on the wrong end of lengthy and pointed jabs at the white men.

What LJ said.

Where in this post is GH attacking people for being white and male?

Brilliant. Thank you.

Roman Polanski
Why shouldn't any human say "poor friend" when their friends are caught in the abstract pincers of the injustice system?

Agreed. However if you are advocating for a friend that has committed a crime that has caused pain and suffering to people, you have to simultaneously acknowledge the severity of those actions.

Mackenzie Phillips
I object (again) to your use of a the label, "priveleged well off man"...

I merely stated 4 facts. That John Phillips was privileged, well off, male and never held accountable. I made no additional comments about these facts. I made no conclusions. I stated them merely for the record. I'm not sure why you would argue with me about that.

Dead Peasants

And if the company just happens to have dangerous, unhealthy working conditions, all the better for them...


Change 'rich people' to black people, or gay people, see if your argument holds up. I bet you (will) see how discriminatory you're being.

I think that is a great idea. The problem is that I reread my post and I never mention rich people. Not even once. So I decided to create a few sentences and try out your exercise. Here goes: Black people control 90% of the wealth in the United States. Gay people account for three-quarters of the worlds income. The average annual income of the top .1% of U.S. Citizens is 3 million, damn those are some Black... People! As a result of the Bush Tax Cuts, those earning more than $10 million a year now pay a lesser share of their income in these taxes than those making $100,000 to $200,000; wow Gay people have it pretty good. This game is great I'm going to do it all the time. Thanks Charlie.


If Albizu Campos was guilty as the courts found him, and he was sentenced to 80 years, well, you take your chances when you commit crimes.

Charlie didn't my godfather tell you that you don't ever dis Albizu Campos to a Puerto Rican? (inside joke) Albizu Campos said: "The good people of the U. S. are not to be blamed for the shameless conduct of certain government officials." As a result, you never saw innocent civilians killed as a result of his efforts. Don Pedro Albizu Campos was a nationalist that fought for Puerto Rican Independence. Puerto Rico continues to be the oldest colony in the world. Since 1492 an uncountable amount of atrocities have been brought upon our beautiful island. The U.S. Government has committed it's share of atrocities on the Puerto Rican people, such as the forced sterilization of thousands of Puerto Rican Women. In the seventies Jimmy Carter summoned a study to understand the relationship between the Unites States and Puerto Rico. The study concluded that U.S. treatment of Puerto Rico was so abhorrent, that it was appropriate to release, Oscar Collazo (the man that attempted to kill Harry Truman) as well as Irving Flores Rodriguez, Lolita Lebron, and Rafael Cancel-Miranda (three individuals that opened fire in Congress, wounding 4 congressman). Let me make the record clear, if you have a problem with Albizu Campos and the tactics he employed, I'm willing to discuss it. That said in order for me to have that conversation you better first recognize that they are no different than the tactics of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

Thanks for writing this.

No. Thank you.

Rush Limbaugh


I listen to Rush about 5 minutes a week

There's the problem.

Sorbet and Interracial Marriage
That judge, or minister, who ever he might be, might be the dumbest person of the week.

I couldn't agree more.

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