Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So y'all. I'm four behind in my posts and don't know if I'll make it. I definitely suggest that you keep checking in to see if I'm going to make it. Anyway I need to explain why it is that I've fallen behind. Being Sick!!! So if you don't know the story here it is. On Tuesday October 13th I got sick with something that by all indications was H1N1. I was scheduled to leave on tour with my band, Broadcast Live on October 16th. I was completely knocked out and couldn't leave. I didn't post for days. I finally recovered and took a plane to Bozeman, Montana (State where my mother was raised). The problem has been that even though I'm clearly over the flu symptoms, I'm still sick with something that appears to be a head cold. So some days I feel almost great and other days I feel like poo-poo. Needless to say this has resulted in a several commentary backlog. So now here I am at Commentary #27. I've survived H1N1 and continue to struggle with a cold. I've spent obscene amounts of time in a tiny, thoroughly unspacious Subaru, and slept on couches and/or living room floors (with a motel stop or two). And after all of this I'm still in striking distance of my goal. You know what this means people, I'm Hardcore. You know how 50 cent is a hardcore gangster? I'm a hardcore blogger, straight up. So don't hate on my possible failure, instead celebrate my ferocious spirit. I've got seven hours to complete three more entries. And here is the catch. We're driving to Stanford from Oakland to perform a show at the University. Sound check starts at 7pm, show at 8. The show will probably go until ten. We also have setup and breakdown. We will probably leave Stanford at 11 and return to Oakland around Midnight. When will I have the time to write these blog entries? Nobody knows. Do you believe in me? Stay tuned.

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