Sunday, October 18, 2009

I'm Back, Sorbet Bars, and Interracial Marriage


That is me singing. That's right singing. Why do you ask? 'Cause I'm back MoFos. And boy was it rough. I mean I was knocked out. My fever reached 103.4, my throat became so inflamed that I would almost cry every time I had to swallow. I can't even tell you how difficult this was. Several days ago I posted that I was too sick to write. After that I was too sick to even do that. I almost certainly had the flu, probably H1N1. What I can tell you is: it's bad. This may be the sickest I've ever felt. So be ready people. You want lot's of elderberry, echinacea, goldenseal, vitamin C and a pantry fool of random herbs you've never heard of (and somewhere between 2 and 16 tylenol or motrin caplets). That's how I made it through. And the other thing you will need is...

Julie's Organic Pure Delight Blackberry Sorbet Bars.

Julie's Sorbet Bars are made with real fruit, certified organic and non-dairy. And best of all only 60 Calories per bar. It's all the goodness of nature's bounty blended with the finest organic ingredients produce a simple yet elegant frozen dessert.

That's right I just wrote down the description from the box. That's how impressed I am. They are as I said in a text message, to my partner LJ, (the person that procured said sorbet bars)"a mini-miracle!" Quite literally. And yes Julie is paying me $10,000 to write this down. But hey, I gotta eat sometime.

And Ohh yeah, a judge in Louisianna decided not to issue a marriage license to a couple based on the fact that their union is... "INTERRACIAL".

More on that, later in the program.

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  1. That judge, or minister, who ever he might be, might be the dumbest person of the week. Unfortunately so many dumb people rise to the top of our view that he won't remain long.
    Who ever has any sort of governmental authority over that judge should have him removed like a tick, and be cast out by all of us who know and hate racism.

    Charlie A.

    PS: welcome back. I am not big on vaccines myself but maybe some modern medicine might have brought you back sooner. glad you're here anyway.