Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Redwood Trees

OK so how many of you out there have seen a Giant Redwood Tree up close? I just want to say for the record, they are big. I'm mean really big, like humongous. There is no way for you to not feel like an elf, hobbit or ewok, standing next to them. Have I mentioned that they are giant. Alright let me explain. I was in the Redwoods with three other people. Some of the trees are so big, that if we wanted to hold hands and attempt to surround the tree, we might make it halfway around before running out of armlength. That's a big tree people. Anyway it got me thinking.

Trees are pretty important. Don't you think? We need them. So I've decided to become a tree-hugger. I invite you all to join me. We all should hug as many trees as possible to show our collective gratitude for this thing called Oxygen. Which reminds me...

One time during a concert of mine, I was performing a song, entitled Oxygen, that is about this very subject as well as countless others. After the show a young woman came up to me and said, "I was feeling that song especially when you talked about the trees". For the next five years of my life that sentence has been the butt of many jokes between my friends and I. You see most of us have an aversion to individuals that seem to prioritize trees over people. People that are more interested in preserving some woods over fighting racism and sexism. I understand that frustration. But I've concluded today that we need to reclaim tree-huggin'.

Let's be honest trees are important, extremely helpful, and down right essential. So let's not let a few weed smokin, dread lock wearing, tree-huggin' hippies with no in-depth political analysis, rob us from our connection with the trees. We need the trees too. So if you are a hip, stylish Brooklynite, listening to TV on the Radio on your Ipod. Don't be afraid to stop and hug a tree. After all, trees have been known to grow in Brooklyn. And if you are a young upwardly mobile professional, interested in leftist politics that don't require you to grow dreads and start listening to Phish; on your way to work, stop your car and hug a tree, you'll feel better, I promise.

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